Projek kedai pantun segera continues

If you’re here because you have a piece of paper on it with something I wrote for you— Thank you for coming yesterday.  I wrote over 30 poems on Saturday and hopefully after today, will have enough to fund a sizeable chunk of my second ever solo trip (Cambodia next month for my 27th birthday). I’m still blown away by what you helped me do yesterday. I hope I can pull it off again today. More here soon.

If you’re interested in reading select pieces from my very first attempt at this project at The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2013, that album is here.

Kakiseni caption: Poetry for order at #artsforgrabs — give poet @dzzyfrfly three words and get a poem by donation. The stall also has T-shirts by Shh…Diam; zines about travel, the sex industry, and to raise funds for Justice for Sisters; Goh Lee Kwang’s Hands album; and @wolfsin‘s book Social Carbon Copy. 


We coalesce, we sprawl / we purge, we brawl / Let the teeth of their traps snap empty we call / bull to the obscene of the crime, cause we’re kind past the table / Forget their feathers ruffling grey to nothing we snowball / past and dispel all whispers internecine! Intertwined we are, steadfast our compass / How difficult now to intervene!

Rock, paper, scissors #livinglight

[stag_intro]Let’s face it, barring a dubious marriage or life-changing quantities of foresight, I will probably never know what it’s like to be wealthy.[/stag_intro]

So every trip out of town turns into practice for living light & bigger adventures. But currently I’ve spent almost all 9000+ days of my life in Kuala Lumpur (and counting). That dormancy sure as hell rattles me. I talk a lot about wanting to travel but have just recently come to terms with the fact that I’m not good at enabling myself for it. It’s easier to get stuck. If I do travel, what’s the point if I can’t plan my money for it, am not fit enough to do what I want when I get there, and take up more space than I should with stuff I don’t need? I am coming to terms with how very big goals become daydreams I get complacent about.

My current lifestyle is unsustainable. I have to admit I can’t eat whatever or sleep whenever I want, and I need to not be intimidated by money and scale up a little now that I’ve been promoted somewhat out of minimum wage. I’ve planned life before but all the air left the tires (to use a local saying). No carrot in my face and a blueprint seems easy to ignore once I zoned out. So out of that comes this mess.

This year I drew up my first budget and ritual blueprint. It wasn’t enough taking years to save up for travel stuff. I wanted to start new habits, and the discipline to sustain them. Rock Paper Scissors was the name that I thought could help thematically simplify this plan (i.e. calm myself down because it was already starting to look spidery and crazy while I was trying to figure out multiple paths of rituals to make something a habit and distribute it up across months).

[stag_tabs] [stag_tab title="Rock"]Rock actions are all basic, building the foundation for what I want to do in the future, eg. learn how to budget, eat better, exercise more, etc. [/stag_tab] [stag_tab title="Paper"]Paper is everything intended to create— playing the uke, writing, reading, learning languages, collaborating, fun stuff, and making sure I find the time to do that in between work. [/stag_tab] [stag_tab title="Scissors"]Scissors labels any acts / habits to cut crap out of my life I don’t need or use, because my procrastination is visible. It manifests itself in bloat and hoarding. All Scissors actions are also intended to make sure I organise and don’t accumulate crap again.[/stag_tab] [/stag_tabs]

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  • Tom Bihn‘s Maximum carry-on travel bag. This was the first step, several years ago I found them online and pleaded their Customer Service to make an exception and ship to Malaysia as the most important birthday present I’ve ever treated myself to. It worked! We bonded over our love of cats. The bag’s sadly been travelling more than I have— my sister from another mother took it to Argentina for a month.
  • a Tern C7 bicycle bought from Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. in SS2— Super friendly and so accommodating of my ignorance. I didn’t have a lot to spend on this but I’m glad they had something for my budget.
  • a Makala Dolphin from Ukulele Malaya— A cheapie plastic uke that sounds 10x more its price tag with some new Aquila strings. I loved my first, but someone sat on it, so I immediately got another. [/stag_toggle]

After years of saving up, letting go, and looking forth, this should be all I need for a few days, weeks, maybe even months.


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