Deepavali: My style is deadly!

Ugh, 13 years on and I still love this ‪‎Bollywood‬ moment— Madhuri Dixit is a force. So power. And it’s so refreshing how all that power isn’t spent on performing for, impressing, or waxing lyrical about some approving dude who’s driven her to lose all senses and smile spinning in fields to increasingly maddening violins (not that I don’t love those too but). Instead of a smiling man we get a smiling and approving Manisha Koirala, so yay! At some point, she tries to dance alongside Madhuri. That’s okay, it was a good try.

The song is a “watch out, keep back, my style is deadly” kind of song, and the video’s choreography is so on point about it. Happy ‪Deepavali‬, Happy ‪‎Diwali‬ errbody! Enjoyyy

PS: There’s an audio clip tailing the video that shatters the glass of this song, so stop the video or hit mute right after the song ends.
PPS: I’m not sure if anyone still needs this told to them, but Madhuri didn’t actually sing the song, she just channeled it with the force of a hundred feminist suns— it is total Bollywood norm to match singers to actors/performers, unlike Hollywood musicals where it’d be a travesty if someone lip-synced to a song they didn’t sing. Make of that what you will. Alka Yagnik sang most of the songs on Lajja.