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In which I try to explain feminism broadly and in plain English

I think this was the longest time I’ve ever been in front of a camera, too! Eek.

Full transcript here after the jump—

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#GeraiPuisiSegera has a cameo in Liyana Fizi’s new video!

Liyana and I totally talk about how people mix us up— although I don’t think having almost 50 thousand followers is my kind of thing, or will ever be! She visited my #GeraiPuisiSegera in its earlier days and told me that my poem for her was in her latest music video. See if you can spot it.

Being Retweeted Feels Amazing

Can I just say? I mean, it’s happening more this year than last year, and at the very base of that feeling is that “YES I AM BEING LISTENED TO AND THEY AGREE WITH ME” which can be the most validating thing when you’re trapped in a repressive and claustrophobic cement urbanite aquarium.

Some tweets that resonate:

I don’t think I have the energy / attention span to be simultaneously active and excited on both networks anymore. I no longer work in social media, which means I can take time off it more. I’ve been sporadic on Twitter at best all of last year— maybe because I was on Facebook more. This year I’m on Facebook not more than an hour a day. I find Twitter more exciting at the moment— less echo-chamber-ey, less ranting-in-the-same-circles.

This year I decided to step out of my comfort zones and center voices on my timeline that aren’t represented by mainstream media anywhere. Now my timeline is full of non-white women, male feminists, Muslim feminists, Muslims from all around the world actually, Malaysian teenagers, genderqueer people, people in non-media lines of work (scientists, academics, even the aviation industry), people way outside the scenes I’m familiar with, and people who tweet in Bahasa. Twitter feels like the place I can go to laugh at the news after reading the news.

I can feel the difference. I receive affirmation from Malaysians (especially Bahasa-speaking Malay people) that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to connect to before. I definitely feel, by contrast, how much whiteness is in media all around me. I feel comforted from conservative Wahhabi-influenced Malay-Muslim drivel by reading terribly witty Bahasa tweets and experiencing how Muslims from around the world externalise their sense of humour and faith. And the voices of other women! Everywhere! Saying substantial things! Can be the most healing thing ever after a long day.

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