2014, In The City: KL-related transmissions


The #IWantToTouchADog debacle has me worn out. I went, by the way. Who knew two hours of peace, cute dogs, fear-confronting, getting to know other fellow citizens and tackling our societal stigmas would lead to supposedly holy learned men wanting to beat up the organiser Syed Azmi?

This is my word of the week— Patience.

Note to self: #Patience! (via islamicartdb.com)

Sometimes I wonder if these critics took a deep breath, paused, and asked themselves if the disgusting and violent words that escaped their mouths would have also left the mouth of the Prophet pbuh— who I’m sure they revere. I knew the moment I left the event and woke up the next day that I’d have to face this backlash.


My accounts from that day— Everyone was colour-coded and the event was very very well organised for a large field. As others have pointed out, you could have walked around and not touched a single dog by just avoiding anyone in red shirts. You can clean yourself up by finding people in green shirts, and using water donated by everyone else. I bought a bottle dispensing sertu clay and now it’s on my dressing table. The mood was light-hearted and friendly, there was unity without it being forced. It was the kind of peaceful Malaysia I knew we had in us— yet I knew the next day people in power would be itching to tell us about how we are lesser people, lesser Muslims, lesser citizens.

What do they know of those two hours, those who were not there?

They will drag it for days. And hate hard.

That requires some patience, I’m sure.