“Darling, all I wanted was a sonnet”

Darling, all I wanted was a sonnet
Those simple moves hath from your mem’ry slipp’d
This love you named trophy, from upon it
you built so high ’till from our joy we tripp’d!
Now, days pass between my name on your tongue.
Instead, your fortune echoes where I dine.
Silence where once we danced to songs we sung.
This life you earn, doth turn ‘to fate of mine
But I’ve exhausted costly leisured love!
Can’t stand our glitter-rust from head to toe!
How dost thou see not what I crave most of?
No time conceals from thy returns my glow!

When we were young you promised me the sky—
Alas! It has you now far more than I.

— Liyana Dizzy, 23

A Shakespearean sonnet written in the exam hall for a midterm paper

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