The Elephant Head Triptych

Ganesh makes three donations of five words to the keep Liy awake on a hot day fund in exchange for five-minute poems


Sometimes I can’t touch her.
Sometimes she keeps a fire
that could dry Japan’s islands to a desert.
And I am one lonely camel, blinded
in all her sandstorms.
But when she asks me
what her Facebook password is
I remember she is only human



Sometimes I think my phone only pretends
to vibrate, I answer and only pretend
I hear you laugh rainbows
because I’m still stuck in my car in this storm
wrapped around a bottle that
finished ten years past
Reminds me of a Police song I heard
maybe just as long ago



When the computer sleeps it dreams of
The languages trees speak
The stories it could share of the lives
It had saved
History free of tree blooded paper
But the computer loses its music
Out in the wild, powerless when not
Leashed in houses
Fiercely guarded by dogs
Who only run out to trees
To piss


triggers 3: camel, Japan, fire, Facebook, human

triggers 2: phone, bottle, car, rainbow, police

triggers 1: world, trees, computer, dogs, music

dude thanks for keeping me awake

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