A Jewish monk, a Christian sage, & the first Muslim wife

Currently reading a history of women in early Islam called Unveiling The Ideal, by Shayan Afzal Khan. It’s a great read, although my friend Nine mentioned how bored she was of the “unveiling” trope to title anything to do with Islam and women (is it the only trope we got?).

The preface alone discusses how far women— and subsequently Islam— have been degraded in the hands of greedy men distorting religion & shrinking it with their politics and patriarchy. I’m now well into the first section: chapters on the Prophet Muhammad’s wives. His first, Khadijah, was 40 and him 25 when they married. A successful businesswoman cougar, badass enough to propose to him.

On two separate occasions a Jewish monk & a Christian sage hung out with her. They were friends of hers and were named in the book. The monk predicted the guy she liked will be a prophet. The sage later told her the prophet predicted in Torah & Injil (The Gospels) would appear in her home. So when her husband came home to her shaking and freaked out from the cave, she was helpful, calm, supportive, & believed him: and with her influence became a huge catalyst for everything. I like that.

Just from that little snippet alone I realized— it’s amazing how shit everything has become now between Muslim men, Muslim women, and people from other religions.

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