The second ever Gerai at Art For Grabs

If you’re here because you have a piece of paper on it with something I wrote for you— Thank you for coming yesterday.  I wrote over 30 poems on Saturday and hopefully after today, will have enough to fund a sizeable chunk of my second ever solo trip (Cambodia next month for my 27th birthday). I’m still blown away by what you helped me do yesterday. I hope I can pull it off again today. More here soon.

If you’re interested in reading select pieces from my very first attempt at this project at The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2013, that album is here.

Kakiseni caption: Poetry for order at #artsforgrabs — give poet @liyanadizzy three words and get a poem by donation. The stall also has T-shirts by Shh…Diam; zines about travel, the sex industry, and to raise funds for Justice for Sisters; Goh Lee Kwang’s Hands album; and @wolfsin‘s book Social Carbon Copy. 

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