“It may be winter where you are”

It may be winter where you are, my love
But it’s spring and summer in our
Tropical hearts all day long
Far too far apart
We are, far too far apart
How many letters could we place between us
What kind of Puteri Gunung Ledang bridge
Could we build, interrupting continents
With just basic rambles on how much
We’d rather have each other’s company
Without WiFi middle men, without intermediaries
Imagine if we had to close this gap
In the days of our great great grandparents
How sick would I have been on the ship
Hungry and the taste of the Industrial Revolution
On my tongue in between witch chants
Fresh from the forest
Now I simply climb into a metal cannon
Or rather, throw myself into a paper plane to you
Soon your room will be less empty
And as cosy as the summer in our hearts
Tropically kissing all day long

— Liyana Dizzy, 28, Penang

for Anand

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