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Biawak Gemok is a radical zine distro focusing on the underrepresented and intersectional. It’s co-founded by Nine (economic migrant and pet-sitter extraordinaire) and Liy (stubbornly inclusive Malaysian-Muslim). Together we stock, source, and sell zines (small self-made magazines) and donate almost all our profits in solidarity.

Most of the money from the zines we stock currently goes to raising funds for Justice For Sisters (a legal fund for Malaysia’s persecuted transwomen), and Chow Kit drop-in centre PBKS (Pusat Bantuan Khidmat Sosial) run by non-profit SEED (Social and Enabling Environment Development). The rest goes to covering the costs of booth rental, copying, and supporting zinemakers.

Biawak Gemok means fat lizard— Nine is obsessed with lizards and geckos, and Biawak Gemok sounded better to us than Cicak Besar.


We want to center voices that are typically silenced or just aren’t mainstream. We’d like to increase awareness on migrant life, heritage conservation, science, animals and environment, sexual health, classism, xenophobia, stigmatisation, juicy secrets, as well as experiences from Malaysia’s women and girls, people with disabilities, dan lain-lain.

We want to make reading cheap and accessible, so our community can access non-profit knowledge, share experiences and build solidarity through zine life.

We currently carry zines on migration, religion, assimilation, sex work, life in the diaspora, alt history, lives affected by -isms and -phobias, LGBT communities, feminism, mental health, and more.

Nine (half of Biawak Gemok) with Al Ibrahim, zinemaker of Raceing and Dating, June 2015
Nine (half of Biawak Gemok) with Al Ibrahim, zinemaker of Raceing and Dating, June 2015

Submit your zines

Send us zines: biawakgemok aaaat jinxremoving dot org

Don’t have a full zine? Send us a two-page spread (an A4 folded in half) and it may be part of an anthology zine in the near future.

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