The Gerai will be at Next Door @ Publika

After opening #GeraiPuisiSegera booths in Penang and Ipoh, I’ll be writing instant poetry by donation back in KL on the weekends of 21-22 November and 12-13 December at White Box, Publika, from 2pm to 4pm. I’ll be sending the typewriter for a quick check-up this week, so hopefully you’ll be able to hear me typing away before…

The Gerai has a cameo in Liyana Fizi’s new video!

Liyana and I talk about how people mix us up— although I don’t think having almost 50 thousand followers is my kind of thing, or will ever be. She visited my #GeraiPuisiSegera in its earlier days and told me that my poem for her was in her latest music video. Go see!  

Interviewed by The Malay Mail Online

MMOxGTF: Give Liyana three words and she will give you a poem… in an instant! by Lydia Koh KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 24 — You’ve heard it all before: Malaysians don’t like to read. So, what more when it comes to poetry. But Liyana Dizzy has taken on the challenge to change that. One poem at a…

The second ever Gerai at Art For Grabs

If you’re here because you have a piece of paper on it with something I wrote for you— Thank you for coming yesterday.  I wrote over 30 poems on Saturday and hopefully after today, will have enough to fund a sizeable chunk of my second ever solo trip (Cambodia next month for my 27th birthday)….