Voiceover Reel

I’ve done voiceovers for almost ten years without saturating the mainstream— so clients often say my voice is refreshing. I speak fluent English and Bahasa (with a handful of accents depending on how playful the script is). I may need a little time warming up, but I am consistent, can impersonate a reference, and enunciate flawlessly. Please listen to my reel—

Consider me for

Ads (most popular), tutorials, elevators, phone lines, transport, awards ceremonies, educational material, navigation, documentaries, audiobooks, announcements




Applies to all commercials regardless of platform: eg. TV, radio, YouTube, apps, et al. 

First 20 seconds: RM300 (flat rate)
Over 20 seconds: RM15 per second
Additional characters / roles: 50% of original duration cost for each additional role
First option / variation is free of charge. RM100 applies per subsequent option / variation.
Re-recording: 50% surcharge
Lipsync: RM100 surcharge
Rejections: 50% of the payment

Recording is valid for use for one year, in one medium or one country only— additional fees apply otherwise. After 12 months: 100% of the duration cost.

For use in perpetuity: 10 times the duration cost. For example, if we recorded a 30 second festive season commercial together (RM450) but you want to use it every year indefinitely, then please announce this upfront and prepare a one-time payment of RM4500.

Rates for infomercials are negotiable, please inquire.

Voice prompts

First page: RM300
Subsequent pages: RM150

Text on page must be set in Times New Roman, 12pt, at a maximum of 40 lines a page. 

Corporate / Launches / Marketing Videos / Documentaries

First five minutes: RM500
Minutes 6 – 30: RM50 per minute
Minutes 31 – 60: RM30 per minute
Above 60 minutes: RM20 per minute
Lipsync: 25% surcharge
Re-recording: 50% surcharge, but only RM150 if it’s less than 7 lines

This refers to the duration of the footage, not the duration of the voiceover. 

Animation / Dubbing

RM500 per episode (minimum charge, subject to increase depending on number of characters played and frequency of character).


Please contact liyanadizzy@_____remove_____gmail.com and include “VOICEOVER” in the subject.